3D Scanning Services

Commercial and Residential 360 degree virtual tours to create incredible digital versions of your home or business. Our 3D Scanning Services are perfect for Architects, Engineers, Construction, Real Estate, Hotels, all Travel and Hospitality Businesses.

3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Services with the use of Matterport Pro 2 3D scanning technology, this can be used the estate agent sector to support housing buying/rental, commercial building spaces rental and also within the construction industry to support BIM and individual building lifecycle elements such as Fire Strategy and even visualisation of building for any potential visitors to an area/building.

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How Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd Can Help?

Commercial 3d Scanning Services
Commercial 3d Scan
3d Scanning Services
Residential 3d Scan
Residential 3d Scan

Why You Need A 3D Scanning Services and Virtual Tours Of Your Property or Business.

Using the very latest 3D Scanning Services, Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd will provide the highest quality virtual tours offering the following benefits:
  •  A state of the art interactive 3D tour of the property with full 360 external display which is controlled by prospective buyer online
  •  Any item can be measured online – this can save re-visits to the property for measuring for curtains, to see if you furniture can fit in a room etc
  •  4K quality scan and free 2D still photographs
  •  A full 2D floor plan (additional charge)
  •  Perfect to help with social distancing during Covid 19 restrictions – No need to arrange for viewings of the properties or repeat visits.
  •  This elevates your portfolio on your website to the next level and looks fantastic.
  •  Helps you upsell the 3D scanning to your clients increasing your turnover and profit
  •  The latest reports in the property market point towards 3D scanning not only helping the property to sell faster but also helping command a higher selling price
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