Fire Door Repairs and Remedial Work

Having adequate Fire Safety and Equipment (including Fire Doors) is a legal requirement. We provide Fire Door Repair and Remedial Work following a safety audit of your business. Repairing Fire Doors can be a lot more affordable than replacing. Speak to the experts today.

Fire Door Repairs and Remedial Work

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd are a FIRAS accredited contractor providing passive fire protection to UK Facility Management Companies, Construction, Education, Healthcare and many other business sectors.

We provide a comprehensive fire protection service to ensure clients’ properties comply with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 and approved document B of the building regulations, including Fire Door Repair and Remedial Work.

We provide client confidence through making inspected fire doors compliant, legal and safe by way of remedial repairs where possible to reduce costs or where remedial work is not possible replacement with new compliant door sets.

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Fire doors can, in many instances repaired rather than repaired and can be certified as a compliant door sets and certificate issued.


This certificate for repair is provided by the loss prevention council supported by the BRE accreditation.


Where doors are to be replaced then certification for the new installation is also provided bre and door certification of compliance is issued providing client confidence.

Fire Door Surveys
Fire Door Repairs
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