Passive Fire Protection Systems

Prevention is better than cure and at Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd we will do all we can to stop the worst from ever happening by ensuring that you have the best Passive Fire Protection Systems in place.

How Passive Fire Protection Works.  Sealing of penetrations to ensure compartmentalization following and reactive working (new cables or ducting installed or any refurbishment works recently completed).

About Our Fire Protection Services

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd are a FIRAS accredited contractor providing passive fire protection to UK Facility Management Companies, Construction, Education, Healthcare and many other business sectors.

Our specialist teams cover all aspects of passive fire protection systems, from batt & mastic and fire compound to boarding systems and fire barriers. We offer a fast, flexible and reliable service and are the first choice for many UK construction and fit-out companies.

We work closely with our key supply chain partners to provide the most cost effective, efficient and technically compatible passive fire solutions for your project. We utilise the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested, and approved for the relevant applications.

UK Building Regulations insist on effective compartmentation to prevent the spread of fire within a building, meaning that fire, smoke and gasses remain where they have originated for as long as possible.

By fire stopping voids and any services passing through them such as cables, pipes and ductwork etc. we can ensure compliance and effective performance of these structural elements in the event of a fire

We provide a comprehensive fire protection service to ensure clients’ properties comply with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 and approved document B of the building regulations.

Ethos Ltd provides a large range of Fire Safety Protection Systems. From an initial fire door inspection through to the Fire Safety Strategy,  complete installation of passive fire protection methods and 3D mapping of your entire property.

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Passive Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection Systems
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